Positive Parenting

Date: Dec 14, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Army Community Service (ACS) - USAG Benelux-Schinnen Complex Bldg. 39 Google Map

Trying to control your child and feeling frustrated?   Learn techniques on how to teach your child to control themselves!

Positive Parenting is a VTC projected class.    For additional information about VTC classes, contact your local Army Community Service offices.

* Brussels:   DSN: 368-9783   Commercial:  02.717.9783

* Chievres/SHAPE:   DSN 366-6824   Commercial: 065.32.6824

* Schinnen:   DSN 360-7500    Commercial:  +31 (0)464.43.7500


Registration Info

This is a VTC projected class hosted by Army Community Service. To obtain additional information about ACS classes and programs, contact your local Army Community Service offices.

For SHAPE: CIV: +32 (0)65-32-6824 OR DSN: (314)366-6824
For Brussels: CIV: +32 (0)2-717-9783 OR DSN: (314)368-9783
For Schinnen: CIV: +31(0)46-443-7500 OR DSN: (314)360-7500